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I am a writer for The Travel Channel, ArtsATL.com, Burnaway.org and other digital publications. I am also a film researcher for Turner Classic Movies and a member of the Atlanta Film Critics Circle. This blog focuses on overlooked, obscure or classic films and other cinema topics I want to share.

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just a bit of info: The Old Man Who Read Love Stories which Rolf de Heer wrote based on the Luis Sepulveda novel, was filmed in French Guiana (or Guyane) in South America, not New Guinea.

  2. Hi, Jeff! Completely random question: are you related to a Ralph Stafford? I’m doing some genealogy, and my great uncle, Ralph Stafford, lived in Atlanta after moving there from North Carolina. If not, all the best to you anyway! Take care, Karen (Stafford) Thornton

  3. Hi Jeff – I’m a grad student pursuing a project on Audio-Brandon. Would like to hear more about your experiences with the collection.

  4. Thanks so much for your excellent review of Desert of the Tartars . I watched it a very long time ago and it has lingered in my mind. I wil track it down to watch again. I wish the Buzzatti novel had been translated!

    • Garry, Thanks for your comments. By the way, Buzzati’s original novel THE TARTAR STEPPE is available in an English translation from David R. Godine (publisher) in their Verba Mundi series. It came out in 2005 and is probably available through used book vendors online.

  5. Found you while researching Michel Piccoli’s film “Life Size” for an article I’ve been writing about Piccoli on my own site. Greatly enjoyed “Polyurethane Companion” and will continue to explore your articles. Thanks for such a thorough write up of this crazy rare film! Still on the hunt for it (and if you’re keen to see the final article is here: http://sleepingallday.com/watchlist/2018/5/22/michel-piccoli-subversive-element )

    • Rachel, great overview of Piccoli. I think DILLINGER IS DEAD is my favorite Piccoli performance but there are so many I haven’t seen and, as you pointed out, at age 92 he may continue to work.

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